AFM image of the week


This I present you an AFM topography image of a furan-based polymer thin film. The film was prepared by spin coating onto SiOx wafers and after preparation it was subjected to thermal annealing to promote crystallization. The AFM shows the development of needle-like crystals on the thin film surface. The features have lengths between 100 – 600 nm and widths (needle diameter) of about 60 nm. This work is part of our collaboration with Dr. Michelina Soccio at the Università di Bologna.

The image of the week

This week I’m preseting an AFM topography image of BTBT-based crystals. These molecules are formed by a double benzilthiophene core, and have symmetric akyl chains to each side. After dissolution and deposition, the molecules were allowed to crystallized under a solvent atmosphere, using the so-called technique “Solvent Vapor Annealing”. The AFM image shows that the procedure allowed the formation of needle-shaped crystals, having lengths between 300 nm to 1 micron.


The image of the week

I’m starting this week with a SEM image of poly(methyl metacrylate) microspheres.

Starting from the commercial polymer, nanopsheres were prepared following the “Dialysis nanoprecipiation protocol”, where, using a dialysis membrane, a polymer solution goes through a careful precipitation process.

More on this technique can be found here and here.

Have the best possible week!!