Curriculum Vitae

Profesional Experience

2018 – 2021
Juan de la Cierva Fellow
University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) & Materials Physics Center (MPC-CFM).
Donostia, Spain.
Promoter: Prof. Angel Alegría (
Project: Linking the nanoscale physical response of polymers to the material’s properties.

2016 – 2018
Postdoctoral researcher
Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) & Materials Physics Center (MPC-CFM).
Donostia, Spain.
Promoter: Prof. Angel Alegría (
Project: Local Dielectric Spectroscopy by AFM.
Major Contributions:
– Study of relaxation processes of dielectric materials at the nanoscale and development of the AFM-based technique “nanoDielectric Spectroscopy (nDS)”.
– Topographical, electrical and mechanical characterization of polymers in thin films, nanospheres, and bulk by several AFM techniques.
– Collaborator in the development of a synthesis route for PEDOT:PSS using Single Chain Polymer Nanoparticles.
– Establishment of a collaboration with Dr. Michelina Soccio at the Università di Bologna for the molecular dynamics study of the novel polymer “Poly(2,5 butylene furanoate) (PBF)”.
– Collaborator in the monthly scientific divulgation program of the DIPC.

Promoter: Prof. Fabienne Barroso-Bujans (
Project: Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy for the analysis of polyethers with complex dipolar microstructure
Major Contributions:
– Application of BDS for the evaluation of cyclic and other polymer architectures.
– Study of relaxation processes of ploy(glycidyl phenyl ether) (PGPE) by BDS. 

2014 – 2015.
Postdoctoral researcher
Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
Brussels, Belgium.
Promoter: Dr. Michele Sferazza (
Project: Semiconducting organic molecules in thin films and nanocrystals.
Major contributions:
– Structural characterization by X-ray diffraction and AFM, of three different compounds in thin film geometries.
– Establishment of collaborations with Dr. G. Gbabode at the Université of Rouen for the development of crystalline growth models.

2010 – 2014.
Predoctoral fellow
Instituto de Estructura de la Materia
Madrid, Spain.
Supervisor: Dr. Aurora Nogales (
Project: Polymers in confinement.
Major contributions:
– Preparation of polymer nanostructures by physicochemical methods, including 4 different protocols for polymer nanoparticles.
– Study of physical properties in confinement and possible applications of nanostructured polymers.
– Surface patterning by laser techniques.
– Responsible for the development and application of nanoscale AFM measurements for the determination of physical properties in soft matter systems.
**CSIC “JAE-Pre” 4 year scholarship for PhD Students**

2012. Internship
Université Libre de Bruxelles.
Brussels, Belgium.
Supervisor: Dr. Simone Napolitano (
Project: Relaxation of poly(L-lactic) acid in thin films by BDS.

2010. Researcher
LabD – Solid State Physics group. Universidad Simón Bolívar. Caracas, Venezuela. 1 year.
Supervisor: Dr. Estrella Laredo. (
Project: Conductivity of biopolymer + carbon nanotubes composites.

2010. Teacher
Universidad Simón Bolívar.
Caracas, Venezuela. 1 year.
Supervisor: Prof. Douglas Mundaraín ( trimester courses and 1 summer course were assigned. Subjects were focused on elementary physics for science and engineer students. Both theoretical and laboratory classes were taught.

2008 – 2009.
Undergradute student
Centro de Modelado Científico. La Universidad del Zulia.
Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Supervisor: Prof. Carlo Guerrero (
Project: Molecular dynamics simulations of carbon nanostructures.

2008 – 2009.
Teacher’s assistant.
La Universidad del Zulia. Maracaibo, Venezuela. (2 years).
Teacher’s assistant at elementary physics courses taught to science students (physics, chemistry and biology majors).

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. (1 month)
Madrid, Spain.
Supervisor: Dr. Pedro García-Mochales Caro ( Development of a molecular dynamics computational code, able to perform tasks using several cores in a single CPU.

Undergraduate student
Centro de Modelado Cientifico. La Universidad del Zulia. Maracaibo, Venezuela
Supervisor: Prof. Jeanette Stock ( Computational analysis of lightning phenomena at the Maracaibo’s lake basin.

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