Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Daniel E. Martínez-Tong

Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Fellow
University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).
Centro de Física de Materiales (UPV/EHU-CSIC).
Paseo Manuel Lardizabal 5, 20018 Donostia, Spain.
Twitter: danielmtong

Full CV in PDF available here for download

Scientific quality indicators

Scientific Productivity
Number of Articles: 30 (100% in ISI indexed peer-reviewed journals) Number of Articles as First Author: 13/30 (43 %)
Number of Articles as Corresponding Author: 15/30 (50 %)
Number of Articles in Q1: 25/30 (83 %)
Number of Articles in PrePrint servers: 1 (currently evaluated in peer-reviewed journal)
Sum of the Times Cited: 238 (Web of Knowledge/Publons)
Average Citations per Article: 9.2 (Web of Knowledge/Publons)
Average Citations per Year: 29.8 (Web of Knowledge/Publons)
h-index: 9 (Web of Knowledge/Publons)
Number of book chapters: 2

Career funding
Over 280 k€ in competitive scholarships, private contracts, and grants for scientific stays.
Pre-doctoral funding: > 90 k€
Post-doctoral funding: > 190 k€

Students supervision
Supervised Final Year Works: 1
Supervised interns (visiting students): 1
Ongoing student supervision
PhD Thesis: 1 (expected 2022)
Master Thesis: 1 (expected 2020)
Final Year Works: 1 (expected 2020)

– Highest GPA award (Maracaibo 2009)
– JAE-Pre Scholarship for doctoral studies (Madrid 2010 – 2014)
– Juan de la Cierva Incorporación Scholarship (IJCI-2017-31600) (Donostia 2018-2020)
– 3 times winner of Best Poster presentation in different conferences

Participation in projects
– Participation in 1 European Project (EUSMI)
– Participation in 4 National and Local Projects

Referee for the following ISI Journals
– European Polymer Journal (Elsevier, Q1)
– Polymer (Elsevier, Q1)
– Polymers (MDPI, Q1)
– Small (Wiley, Q1)
– Applied Surface Science (Elsevier, Q1)
– Journal of Applied Physics (Elsevier, Q2)
– Polymer Bulletin (Wiley, Q3)

Member of the Venezuelan Physics Society (Sociedad Venezolana de Física). ID#183

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