SFB840 Seminar

Today I had the pleasure to present my work at the SFB840 seminar series in the Bayreuth University. My talk, entitled “The Magic of Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy” was an introduction to the technique and a presentation of the current challenges we want to address. I hope everyone enjoyed and learned something from this talk and I’m looking forward for future collaborations 🙂 !

Iker’s TFG presentation

Today Iker Castrillo presented his TFG work at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His work was centered on the development of crystalline nanostructures on PBF thin films. I had the pleasure to direct this work in collaboration with Angel Alegria at the Materials Physics Center (MPC – Donostia, Spain). The PBF samples were provided by our Italian partners, Michelina Soccio and Nadia Lotti, from the University of Bologna. Also, we counted with the collaboration of Beatriz Robles-Hernández from MPC. This whole team made it possible for the work to develop fast, efficiently and filled with great results. Iker performance during the project deserves a special mention because it was just excellent, and I hope for him the best in his career.

I should update this more frequently

So…the title says it all ! In the past monts I’ve been quite busy. If I start now to write everything it’s gonna be a messy post so, for the moment being, I’m just gonna focus on the news:

I got a new paper published!!! This paper was a collaboration with POLYMAT. We studied the curing of latex films via nanomechanical mapping, an AFM based technique.

The accepted manuscript can be found here

Again, I’ll try to update this site regularly. So, see you all soon!

New paaaaper!

In collaboration with Jordan Ochs, Angel Alegria and Fabienne Barroso-Bujans, I’ve published a new paper in Macromolecules. This work presents the use of broadband dielectric spectroscopy to study the synthesis of  “two arms” polymers. Using the dielectric Normal Mode relaxation we determined whether the polymer was a “simple” linear chain, or a 2-arms chain. The full text can be found here.

New paper!

I’m glad to present my first paper from 2019 !! It’s entitled “Laterally-resolved mechanical and tribological properties of laser-structured polymer nanocomposites” and it was just accepted in Polymer. In this work we explored the manomechanical properties of nanostructured polymers via PeakForce QNM. The work was performed in collaboration with Esther Rebollar (IQFR-CSIC), Pablo Moreno (ALF-USAL) and Tiberio Ezquerra (IEM-CSIC). Check it out here.