Along with other collaborators, I’m participating at the 2016 edition of the Spanish Scientific Photography Contest “FotCiencia14”. This year I’ve had the chance to submit three images related to my current and previous works. The first one it’s an image of polymer nanoparticles prepared by the dialysis nanoprecipitation technique and taken with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). It’s called “Burbujas Poliméricas” (Polymer bubbles). The second one, it’s part of a collaboration with Dr. Rebollar at the IQFR (Madrid-Spain), and it’s nanostructured polymer surface by laser irradiation, as seen by atomic force microscopy (AFM). We’ve called the image “Montañas y lagos láser” (Laser mountains and lakes). Finally, the last image is the AFM-topography of  a self-assembled block copolymer, called “Perlas de la Kontxa”, which was part of a collaboration with my current coworkers Dr. Malo de Molina and Dr. Rodriguez.

By danielmtong

Scientist and author

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